Sunday, 29 December 2013

FERNANDO JORGE: sensual Brazil meets cool London

Brazilian jeweller Fernando Jorge has unsurprisingly become the wonder boy of the contemporary jewellery scene in just three years since he graduated from St. Martins in London. Fernando landed in Europe with a baggage full of incredibly original drawings, ten years of jewellery experience in Brazil and a unique knowledge of local craftsmen and stones. With this background, it cannot come as a huge surprise that his talent was sotted and recognised almost immediately. He was quickly snapped by iconic agent Valery de Mure and selected for the prestigious Rock Vault group and won the British Fashion Council award in 2012. Besides his well deserved success, the best feature about Fernando is his jewellery. His "fluid" pieces combine semiprecious gemstones like calcite with delicate rose gold snake chain in ultra sensuous designs; the "electric" series is modern glamour in a punk fashion with black gold set with a unique combination of sapphires and blue topaz or all white set in opals. His Gemfields emerald collection combines the best elements of his work so far, the fluid snake chain design with the irregular shaped stones that transmit so much energy to the pieces. And so, one could continue mentioning all of his innovative ideas, like the use of blue john (a rare english stone) in fine jewellery. Most certainly we will be watching!.

Fernando Jorge electric ring set in black gold with sapphires and blue topaz

Fernando Jorge ring set with Blue John

Fernando Jorge Gemfields emerald and diamond earrings

Fernando Jorge fluid earrings detail

Fernando Jorge by Vogue Brazil