Sunday, 3 November 2013

A rare Spanish Art Deco Sautoir by LUIS SANZ

It is not very often that one comes across a very important piece of jewellery that has been made in Spain during the past century. One could argue that with a civil war between the two World Wars and decades of international embargo, the country was not economically buoyant. But the few pieces that do come out in the London or Geneva auctions are truly splendid.  The sautoir below features three magnificent sapphires and it was made in the 1920's by Luis Sanz. Luis was one of the two sons of Sanz Joyeros, a jewellery dealer in Madrid at the beginning of the Twentieth Century; in 1918, the two brothers went separate ways, Juan kept the dealing business and Luis opened a high end establishment. He soon became purveyor to the Crown and made a famous short necklace for Queen Victoria Eugenia with seven of the Colombian emeralds that belonged to Eugenia de Montijo.

Luis Sanz Art Deco Sautoir, Christie's

The piece will be auctioned by Christie's London on November 13th.