Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A rare favourite gemstone combination: blue and yellow SAPPHIRES

Cartier, 1957, Blue and yellow sapphire fringe necklace

It is not very often that one come across pieces set in the unusual combination of blue and yellow sapphires, yet three have appeared in the space of a few days. The necklace above will be auctioned by Christies NY on October 15th and it is a phenomenal piece made by Cartier in 1957 combining cushion cut blue sapphires and rectangular cut yellow sapphires set in a fringe diamond necklace.
1940's retro bracelet set in rose gold with blue and yellow sapphires
Today Sotheby's has auctioned the bracelet above last week in Hong Kong, a magnificent architectural piece of late Art Deco design combining two motifs set in rose gold with calibre cut blue and yellow sapphires.
Marchak, 1950's Blue and yellow sapphires necklace
And lastly this magnificent retro necklace signed by Marchak in the 1950's, auctioned by Sotheby's in New York on september 25th, set in yellow gold with c. 160 carats of oval shaped yellow sapphires and smaller oval trios of blue sapphires to accentuate the colour. Undoubtedly a one of a kind great statement piece of fine jewellery, which proves that creative bold design is not exclusive of custom pieces.