Sunday, 2 June 2013

Fabulous ART DECO monochrome jewelry

Every year in June London pays a discreet tribute to all the antique collectors that spend the year flying from Paris to Basle, and from Miami to Vegas and New York. In the most civilised and typical english way, June in London has started with the first days of good weather in months, the setting up of the Lapada Fair in Berkeley Square, the closing of guests lists for private viewings at Masterpiece and Christie's King Street annual Magnificent Jewels sale.
Art Deco earrings set in platinum with diamonds, onix and natural pearls

There are a number of reasons why this sale is my favourite in London. It takes place in the grand stucco house that Christie's has in King Street, which somehow feels the right place to acquire works of art; they host a Sunday brunch to privately show the collection, but the most important reason is the selection of the pieces and the atmosphere during the auction. There are always exceptional pieces, like in most of similar auctions, but it is the one auction where I always find something very rare and truly collectable. This pair of earrings are a great example: unsigned fabulous Art Deco design, set in platinum with diamonds, onix and natural pearls. A unique piece.
Art Deco Pendant set in platinum with Diamonds, Onix, seed pearls and natural pearl

And imagine that someone loves the Art Deco period and dreams of a jewellery collection set with natural pearls in a black and white monochrome theme, just to make it rarer. These are two examples of pieces that have been sold by Christie's at King Street during the past two editions. It even seems easy to gather a three piece collection of Art Deco natural pearl extraordinary designs...

CARTIER, Art Deco Natural Pearl and diamonds brooch