Sunday, 14 April 2013

VERDURA shines at Christie's New York

"Fulco came into Chanel's life at the end of her Grand Duke Dimitri period. Chanel and Fulco were responding to that Russian feeling for extravagance, of barbaric color and enormous scale, stones being thrown around like nothing. Never, never at Boivin or at Cartier, who were all about serious diamonds and platinum, would you ever have seen tourmalines next to diamonds, or settings of gold."

Harper's Bazaar and Vogue editor, Babs Simpson (also Verdura's intimate friend and client)

Enamel, Pearls and Diamond Brooch by Verdura

Multi Gem Maltese cross by Verdura

Pink Tourmaline Ray Brooch by Verdura

Yellow Sapphire Bracelet by Verdura

Next Tuesday's Magnificent Jewels auction at Christie's New York is full of impressive jewels and gemstones, including the Princie Diamond. Hoewever, there is also a small selection of eight Verdura pieces with some truly unique examples of the genius of his designs that should not  go unnoticed.