Thursday, 27 December 2012

DANIEL BRUSH: Blue Steel Gold Light

Daniel Brush Second Dome 1983-1989

Over the past 40 years, Daniel Brush has created an oeuvre unparalleled in contemporary American art—from large-scale painted canvases to gold-domed containers encrusted with gold granules so miniscule they must be fused with microscopic precision. Daniel Brush: Blue Steel Gold Light, opened October 16, 2012, brings together for the first time works from throughout Brush’s career, including examples of his poetic paintings and drawings, a selection of his most significant steel and gold wall sculptures, jewelry made from plastic, aluminum, steel, and precious gems, and some of his earliest gold-granulated objects. The exhibition will be installed on MAD’s second-floor galleries—the first time a single living artist has commanded that entire floor, which includes the Tiffany and Co. Foundation Jewelry Gallery—and will remain on view until February 17, 2013.

Daniel Brush Gold Heart 2003
He does not have a dealer and never has done a straight commission. Many who visit his workshop leave empty handed because he requires a personal "connection" with those who acquire his pieces!
Daniel Brush at Siegelson