Friday, 23 November 2012

GIMEL: Japanese perfection in modern jewellery

What I like the  most about Gimel is her sense of humour. Kaoru Kay Akihara is a unique contemporary jeweller. She trained in Canada and Los Angeles before establishing her studio in Japan overlooking the Rokko Mountains National Park. Akihara pieces are identified by their nature inspiration, the simplicity of their design and the perfection of their craftsmanship...and always, a little bejewelled bug hidden somewhere for the owners delight!. How much fun is that? She is also famous for personally selecting only the finest stones for each piece. The brooch above, one of the first pieces by Gimel that I have ever found at an auction, is set with an impressive burmese pigeon blood ruby that weights 6.8 carats. It will be sold by Christie's Hong Kong on November 27th and the estimate is c. $2-3 million!