Monday, 29 October 2012

WALLACE CHAN: Imperial Jade pieces for the Paris Biennale

A cicada is the Zen symbol for "stilled life", the one above is a brooch made by Wallace Chan set in carved Imperial Jade. The piece is extraordinarily detailed and the quality of the jade is exceptional. It belongs to the group of 50 pieces exhibited by Wallace Chan at the Paris Biennale, the price tag for this one is 30 million Euros!.

The necklace below, is also made in Imperial Jade, and it is inspired on the Chinese Great Wall, after which is also named. The price is 56 million Euros.

I have read in a south east asian newspaper, that Wallace Chan was quite happy with how welcomed his pieces have been in Paris and how he has felt a true appreciation as an artist. We most certainly hope he keeps on coming back, I am not sure if he realises how unique his creations specially at times like these for Europe!.