Sunday, 23 September 2012

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Collectables: What Should I Start Collecting?

Collecting can often start as an unconscious decision, with individuals gravitating towards objects and valuables that they think are attractive. Over the course of a few weeks, months or years, the number of chosen items grows into quite a collection and before long, people realise that their passion for collecting has made its mark. Whether they’re trying to find the right jewellery collection or can’t resist buying pottery pigs, every shopping trip offers the excitement of finding a new addition. There comes a time, however, when people may question ‘what should I start collecting?’ and it’s at this time that some important decisions need to be made.

For some people there may be an obvious choice of collectibles, especially if collections have already been started without much thought. If this is the case it’s often important to try and define a collection, so that, in the future, complimentary pieces can be bought. For example, instead of collecting all the pottery pigs that can be found, people might like to collect pigs by a certain potter, of a particular type or from a specific era. This can help stop a collection getting out of control, and enables people to create a unique set of valuables which are inspiring, rather than hundreds of pieces which don’t necessarily complement each other.

Some people come to collecting as novices and want to start the hobby from scratch. Trying to decide what to collect can be difficult at this initial stage, and it’s important to make the right choice. What to collect should be very personal, and it’s important to make the decision depending on personal preferences, rather than trying to become involved in collectibles that simply don’t cause any excitement or thrill. There’s no point trying to collect valuables that hold no interest, as collectors will simply find that their passion starts to wane and they end up with a half-hearted attempt. Instead, a collection must enthral and excite a collector.

The ideal place to start when thinking about what to collect is to consider interests and passions, and find a complimentary collectors niche. For instance, movie enthusiasts could collect memorabilia from their favourite films, or merchandise and valuables that are connected to famed actors. Car enthusiasts might like to start a collection of model cars, or even the real thing if money is no object. Meanwhile, brooches, stamps or work by a favourite artist are all great ideas for collections.

Starting, creating and building a collection is a very personal thing. It can take a lot of time and money to get a collection really worth talking about, and people spend many years looking for rare memorabilia or pristine pieces of art to add to their valuables. Collectors should always look to start collecting objects because they like them, instead of choosing pieces that hold no interest other than the possibility to make a future fortune. And, by being smart and savvy when it comes to building a collection, collectors can indulge in their passion and create collections that will inspire others for years to come.

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