Sunday, 23 September 2012

Auction Highlight: SOTHEBY'S NY presents the Estate of Brooke Astor

Sotheby's NY will be auctioning 900 items form the estate of Brooke Astor, one of New York's most notorious socialite and collector. And of course there are some magnificent jewels.

Perhaps the most relevant piece is this necklace made by Bvlgari in 1959. The story f the piece is fascinating, as explained by Brooke Astor in her autobiography (1980). The diamond and emerald necklace and earrings were commissioned during a trip that she and her husband made to London in autumn 1958, when Vincent Astor discussed and selected the stones personally. He died during the spring of the following year and Brooke did not know anything about the piece. It was almost two years later when she received a letter from the house of Bvlgari with the details of the pieces as well a note from her husband asking for the delivery to take place in March for Brooke's birthday. She then completed the purchase and regarded it as the last personal gift from her beloved husband!.

The necklace is set in platinum with 13 drop emeralds that weight approximately 71 carats, 14 cabochon emeralds weighting 41 carats set next to 14 marquise diamonds (8.5 carats) and surrounded by some 50 carats in brilliant cut diamonds!.