Monday, 25 June 2012

Sunday, 10 June 2012

SEVAN BICAKCI winner of the Couture award

Sevan Bicakci has won the Debutante category of the Couture design awards, the most prestigious award in the US retail Jewelry industry...

An unusual Belle Epoque Choker by CARTIER

This piece looks modern and elegant today and it was made in 1910. It must have been extremely unusual for its time. During the Belle Epoque motifs were mainly floral inspirations after the garland style and this choker necklace is designed in a strict geometrical pattern set in diamonds over a black velvet band. A dramatic piece both now and a 100 years ago made by no other than Cartier.

It will be auctioned by Christie's London on June 13th.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Cullinan Diamond: A Royal Collection

The Cullinan Diamond I, known as the Star of Africa, weights 530,.2 ct.  Mounted in the Sovereign Sceptre, part of the Crown Jewels. The Cullinan II, known as the Second Star of Africa (317,4 ct) is set in the Imperial State Crown and it is also part of the English Crown Jewels

Once upon a time, in 1905, an extraordinary diamond was found at the Premier Mine in South Africa. Of exceptional purity and beautiful white-blue colour, in its rough state it weighted 3,106 carats and measured over 10 cm. The stone was named after the chairman of the mining company and it was given to King Edward VII as a present. The firm selected to cut it was I.J. Assher in Amsterdam and the result were nine numbered principal stones, 96 small brilliants and 9 carats of unpolished diamond material.

For the first time in history, seven of the nine principal stones will be exhibited together, as part of the Queen Elisabeth personal collection, the remaining two belong to the English Crown Jewels.

Cullinan III (pear shaped, 94.4 ct) and IV (cushion cut 63.6ct)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

GARRARD: A Diamond Royal affair

Queen Victoria Fringe Brooch 1856

As if the Olympics were not going to be enough of an event in London, this year is also the Queen's Jubilee, only the second time in history that an english monarch has reigned for over 60 years. On june 30th, Buckingham Palace will host a unique exhibition featuring the Queen's personal jewels, Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration.

Girls of Great Britain Tiara 1893

There will be many remarkable pieces to write about, but perhaps the first thing that has striken me are the pieces made by Garrard, appointed Crown Jewellers in 1721. The three pieces displayed here were made in the mid 1850's using diamonds of exceptional quality and undoubtedly represent some of the finest examples of Victorian Jewellery.

Coronation Necklace and Earrings 1858