Thursday, 15 March 2012

LALIQUE: Aquamarine dragonfly pendant

An amazing aquamarine and diamond set enamel pendant by Lalique depicting four intertwined dragonflies will undoubtedly be the highlight of Tefaf in terms of jewellery. The piece is being presented by fine antique dealer Epoque Fine Jewels, always one of my favourites in international fairs!.

Rene Jules Lalique, born in 1860, is one of the greatest glassmakers and jewellery designer of all times but he will specially be recognised as one of the symbols of Art Nouveau.

Lalique grew up in the outskirts of Paris and since very young he trained in design and drawing and even did an apprenticeship as goldsmith. He was always attracted by nature in all his forms and this would become the pillar of all his works and designs. In 1876 he moved to London to attend Sydenham Art College and on his return to Paris he worked as a freelance designer for CartierBoucheron and other jewellers. In 1885 he opened his own business with his own brand winning several prizes for his sculptures and art jewelry. He manufactured some of the famous jewels from Sarah Bernhardt.

He was not only one of the biggest contributors to the Art Nouveau movement but also achieved huge recognition from his Art Deco work. He died in 1945 but his firm continues manufacturing glasswork today.