Sunday, 26 February 2012

Discovery: Jack DU ROSE, the best kept secret

Jack Du Rose has been creating fine jewellery behind the scenes all his career. He was one of the artists selected to work on Damien Hirst's "For the Love of God" famous diamond skull. He may have avoided spotlight but his pieces definitely have not for he has designed special collections for the likes of Stephen Webster and Shaun Leane. Jack rarely designs pieces under his name and they are always sold privately, however he is now launching a collection of eight unique jewels that we had had the privilege to review.

Haute Jewellery is increasingly finding its way into fine art, and galleries are starting to feature exhibitions of one of a kind pieces that go a long way beyond the value of the stones or the fine craftsmanship. These jewels are sculptures that one can wear as well as display and there is profound meaning and artistic concept behind each one of them.

Du Rose "Danger" collection represents the danger we experience in life and the stones and materials have been chosen taking into account aesthetics, symbolism, perception and physical properties. Each piece is designed to be worn and to be displayed and they come in bell shaped glass jars that are kept inside a rose gold and ebony case. The case is locked with an elaborate golden key set in diamonds that can also be worn as a pendant. Another symbol to recognise the initiated in this new Art!.