Thursday, 12 January 2012

Forever Dancing... by WALLACE CHAN

Opal, crystal and fancy coloured diamonds have been used to create this unbelievable brooch. This is Wallace Chan at his best!

"An artist, along with extraordinary creativity, must also possess passion and breadth of mind, a philosopher’s way of thinking and a craftsman’s superior technique.  This combination permits the artist to create freely and set new standards – touching souls while breaking every frame of references.

Fine Jewelrythe New Art

Artistic wisdom, defying geometry, he elongates, distorts and foreshortens shapes in pursuit of fluidity.  Capturing the spirit of Zen yet setting free the gentle spirit: giving rise to the unique Wallace Chan style.

He tells us that jewelry can also be made into art, like painting, sculpture and music as expression of the creator’s inner thoughts, and refining of the deep philosophy of life.

Deconstructed design, lifelike realism, simple elegance, he wisely uses the minerals of Nature, with materials resisting a creative idea, being uncombinable, marries them with technical wizardry.  Wallace Chan’s art expresses the soul and spirit of humanity: leaving us amazed and speechless. 

Time and again, Wallace Chan has defined and redefined the jewelry world, transforming the making of fine jewelry, and its appreciation – wearable sculptural art and beyond – into the most refined realm of art and philosophy to attain."