Saturday, 10 December 2011

SOPHIA MANN: the art of life in jewellery

One of the most striking discoveries I have had in a long time!. The exhibition "Art Rocks" curated by Joahanna Hardy (at the Shizaru Gallery in London) presents young artist Sophia Mann who graduated from St. Martin's just a couple of years ago.

Sophia's pieces are first of all unique works of art, full of life and meaning, yet she has chosen the unusual mean of fine jewellery to express her vision. The metal work is cold, strong and solid in a very masculine way, but the beaded work is feminine, sensual and organic. In this ring yellow rough diamonds are combined with different coloured coral beads and rubies, sapphires and apatite and set in 18ct gold in a provocative and extremely original design that can inspire any kind of reaction but apathy. One may love it or hate it but it can leave no one neutral. I'm clearly in the first category, an instant fan!.