Saturday, 31 December 2011

CAROLINA BUCCI and her woven jewels

This is a long overdue post. Carolina Bucci is a great jewellery designer but she is also a friend and in wanting to write a very nice piece, I have left it for far too long!.

Carolina belongs to a family of jewellers with more than 125 years of tradition; she could have easily chosen to fulfil her dream of devoting her work life to jewels by joining the family business but she went for the hard way of creating her own brand to develop her extremely original and groundbreaking ideas. When she was little, she loved weaving multicoloured thread bracelets, so soon after she finished Art school she started weaving golden chains and silk thread into incredible bracelets that are nowadays sought after an treasured by the lucky ones that have discovered her. Her pieces are elegant yet colourful and young, a rare achievement!.

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