Tuesday, 25 October 2011

MEISTER: swiss tradition in coloured gemstones

In 1881, Emil Meister, an accomplished goldsmith and designer founded the firm bearing his surname in Zurich. Upon his death in 1921, the firm was taken over by his son Eduard Meister (1880-1954). Walter Meister, the son of Eduard (1917-1986), added an heroical and silverware section to the establishment. He also developed the firm's reputation as specialist in coloured stones, for which they are now famous. The firm is currently run by the fourth generation. adrian Meister (b. 1952) heads the company, assisted by his brother Roland (b. 1964) who heads the silver department. They are celebrating the 130th anniversary.

This bracelet will be auctioned at Christie's Geneva on November 16th, it is signed EM Meister.