Monday, 19 September 2011

UPCOMING EXHIBITION: 25 year of AKELO at Bentley & Skinner

Bentley & Skinner is one of my favourite antique jewellery dealers in London and AKELO is one of the best modern goldsmiths I have found, and here they are together in this promising exhibition that will take place in London from the 2nd to the 19th of November. I just can't wait!. I find it a visionary step from B&S and another proof confirming the place that exceptionally unique jewellery, be it antique or modern, is taking amongst galleries as another art category.

The exhibition celebrates one quarter of a century of activity by Andrea Cagnetti, known artistically as Akelo (a name that recalls the Greek god of water), one of the most talented masters of goldsmithing in the world.  The artist, born in Corchiano in Italy, in the province of Viterbo where the ruins of the legendary Etruscan city of Fescennia once stood, creates jewellery and golden objects – all unique pieces – the result of a marriage between decades of study and experimentation with the greatest ancient goldsmithing techniques and his modern approach.