Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A mid 60's pearl ring by DIHN VAN for Cartier

Jean Dinh Van, a half vietnamese half french jeweller, son of a lacquer craftsman, started working for Cartier in Paris in 1950 until he opened his own shop in 1965. This is a rare ring signed by Dihn Van - Cartier. He belonged to the wild generation of Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne for whom he designed many pieces. In tune with his time, he sought freedom of expression and wanted to liberate women from wearing what he considered heavy jewellery and the constraints of preciosity. In 2003 the Museum of Decoratives Arts in Paris started to exhibit his work. The firm continues today with five shops in Paris.

This ring is a very good example of his spirit, an extremely light and delicate conceptual flower set with a fine natural pearl pierced by a diamond.

It will be auctioned by Phillips London on June 7th.

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