Tuesday, 14 June 2011

JEAN MAHIE: the first gold sculptor in Place Vendome

Great pendant and matching earrings made in 22 carat hammered gold by french jeweller-artist Jean Mahie. They will be auctioned by Doyle NY on June 23rd.

She was the first jeweller to be exhibited by Cartier and Van Cleef and Arpels under her own and this began a trend in the 1970's to look for original, hand made unique pieces designed by artists.

The best way to describe her work are her own words: "In reality I am not a jeweler, I am a sculptor but I prefer the expression:"forgeron d'or" or goldsmith. My philosophy is to be as true and sincere as possible. To be able to love, you have to love yourself first. When I work I make every object for myself. Work is concentration and everything else has to disappear to have a clear mind. Inspiration comes from reading your deepest thoughts; you have to reach the core of your soul. Observation and memory lead to creation. If you meditate long enough on a problem, a solution will emerge. The world is filled with information that your psyche will transform into something personal and original. Concentration, meditation, thought, observation, time and confidence will take you toward execution and creativity. We all have in us great expectations but we do not always know how to channel them but if you work hard enough and long enough you will get results, if not success."