Friday, 3 June 2011

FUSSET Y GRAU: Art Nouveau Flamenco Dancer Pendant

This is a truly rare find and an important addition for collectors of Catalan Modernist Art or for Macba Museum  who this year had an exhibition dedicated to jewellery. The pendant was made by Fusset y Grau in the 1920's and it features an ivory carved figure as a Flamenco Dancer embellished with a diamond set comb and necklace. The back is made of tortoiseshell and the frame is characteristic of this maker with an extremely delicate and detailed foliate design in gold.

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, the Art Nouveau style was adopted in Barcelona by a rich community of artists and architects, the most famous being Gaudi. The principles of organic forms, naturalistic inspiration and popular subject-matter appealed so much to the burgeoning catalan society at the time, that the style acquired a status of its own across all arts disciplines, it is known today as Modernism.

Fusset y Grau was a renowned jewellery house that embraced this new style, as also did Masriera, and produced a series of unique and extremely finely crafted pieces coveted by collectors today. Christie's says in their catalog that some of them provided "modern" inspiration for the 1925 International decorative Arts Exhibition in Paris!.

The pendant will be auctioned by Christie's King Street in London on June 8th.