Sunday, 12 June 2011

EDMOND FORET: fine craftsmanship and great master design

This pair of gold and citrine shell clips and matching earrings were made by Edmond Foret who was one of Cartier's main designers in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Some of the important commissions  of the Russian Imperial Court can be attributed to him. Around 1945 he started an affair with Claude Durel, a model for Revillon, they made it public and it became such a scandal in society that Cartier transferred him to the New York Office where he worked for almost a decade. In the mid 1950's the couple moved to Buenos Aires where Edmond Foret started to produce extremely fine and unique pieces on his own.

The set above is an example of them and the detailed sculpture work in gold shows the fine craftsmanship present across all his creations. The set will be auctioned by Christie's NY on june 14th.