Saturday, 11 June 2011

DISCOVERIES: Wilfredo Rosado's black swan

Jewellery has always been linked to fashion but it is not exactly the same. Fine Jewellery is the ultimate notch in the luxury chain but, what is more, it blends art and legacy. A private collection will always be different to another and it will tell the story of the life of the one that has put it together.

It is very difficult for a new designer to make a difference and stand out, for he/she not only has to shine amongst his contemporaries but also the creations have to beat the magnificent antique and vintage ones that have survived over more than a century.

Wilfredo Rosado's first collection has all the elements to succeed. He was mentored by Giorgio Armani for whom he worked for more than two decades and he was very close to Andy Warhol. He has spent his career looking for new forms of inspiration and he joined the urban trend set by the likes of Keith Haring and Basquiat. In 2007, he launched a project with Versace which consisted on a series of jewellery pieces co-designed with artists like Julian Schnabel and Marc Quinn that was sold for the benefit of the Whitney Museum.

His first solo collection reflects his talent and his life full of rich experience. In his search for perfection the pieces are crafted by legendary couture atelier Maison Lemarie in Paris. The brooch above is a very good example, the swan is made of diamonds, sapphires and spinels in graduated colours from white to black from the head down to the feather body.

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