Monday, 30 May 2011

A pair of Art Deco Jadeite earrings by GEORGES FOUQUET

This is an incredibly beautiful and rare pair of earrings signed by Fouquet. They were made in the 1920's and feature a lot of the Art Deco elements of the period: the oriental inspiration, the geometric design and the use of black enamel to highlight colour. The Jadeite hoop suspended in an original diamond clasp is of the brightest green quality.

The most interesting thing about them, besides their beauty and quality, is the fact that, according to Christie's, they are signed by Georges Fouquet; he was one of the most renowned Art Nouveau jewellers and his collaboration with artist Mucha evidences how strongly he embraced this movement. It was his son, Jean Fouquet, the one that introduced Art Deco in the family so this must be one of the rare transition pieces singed by the father in the style that his son tried to bring in!.

The earrings will be auctioned by Christie's Hong Kong on May 31st.