Monday, 30 May 2011


Mitsuo Kaji is the leading contemporary japanese art jeweller. He was raised by a family of watch and jeweller makers in Japan. A perfectionist in the culture of delicacy and detail. He first became known as an artist by his "Emaux" collection, a series of unique pieces of jewellery in colourful enamel. He went into gemstones through his "Impressive" series, another set of unique pieces of bold and colourful design where he mixed all kind of materials and gemstones from a Paraiba Tourmaline to opals or crystal with enamelled motifs. He has also collaborated with Unesco to produce the "World Heritage Jewellery" collection, which is a set of mini sculptures in gold and platinum set with precious stones that reproduce world wonders.

He is now focused on his "Best Collection" which nothing less than pieces using only the finest and rarest gemstones!. The necklace above, belongs to this category, the chain is set with diamond hoops and rare Icy Jadeite beads and the pendant features a double diamond hoop with seven important pear shaped emerald green Jadeite drops of the best quality. It will be auctioned by Christie's Hong Kong on May 31st.

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