Thursday, 26 May 2011

A fabulous tourmaline Paraiba by HARRY WINSTON

Just got back from Brazil! and the most amazing part of the trip was the discovery of a rare type of Tourmaline stone called Paraiba, after the region of Paraibo in north east Brazil where the only mine (now closed) in the world is located. These gemstones feature a unique neon intense blue colour, different to everything I have seen before!. Much more intense than an aquamarine with a greenish tint it captures light in an almost fluorescent way. And I got double time lucky when, right after landing, I went into the Harry winston store in London and they have currently on display one of the largest Paraibas in the market set in a magnificent necklace. The ring above, also by Harry Winston, is another great example of their magnificent setting for one of the rarest gemstones in the world, that at some point was even more expensive than diamonds. As they have very kindly explained to me, this is a stone for the most educated collectors that already have everything!

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