Monday, 23 May 2011

A daring VICTORIAN snake bracelet

I find this bracelet uniquely daring for its period. Snake shaped bracelets, rings and necklaces were very popular during the second half of the XIX Century. The lighter versions of them usually embellished wit turquoises and coral stones and the finest ones with diamonds, rubies or emeralds and sapphires. This bracelet however, seems different to me in the sense that it is extremely long, it goes around the arm seven times and one can only think about how it would have been combined with the ladies' fashion at the time. It features an important pear shaped diamond so it musts have been made either as an adornment for a high society fancy ball given the flair that exotic pieces had at the time or, for an important stage figure.

It will be auctioned at Christie's London on May 25th.