Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Auction results: CARTIER panthers break records again!

Anyone that has been reading this blog for a while will know by now that we have a weak spot for Cartier panthers. Cartier first used the panther design as early as the 1910's, introducing the dotted pattern in haute jewellery in an innovative wristwatch; but it would be during the 1930's, when Jeanne Toussaint, nicknamed the panther, took over as creative director when the animal motif became an icon. The Duke and Duchess of Windsor will always be associated to it for their giant star sapphire brooch with a panther mounted on it and most recently for the record price achieved by the Duchess famous bracelet. Cartier continues producing the panthers today and there are many different versions of the design but somehow these pieces remain as sought after as the rarest jewels, it has something to do with their beauty and their perfection.

Christie's Hong Kong held today their Magnificent Jewels auction featuring five fine examples of Cartier panthers, and as it was to be expected they achieved record prices once again. The brooch above, with a rare reclining panther set in sapphires, emeralds and onix with a diamond pave was sold for $591,000, the platinum bangle above set with onix and emeralds went for $374,000. The wristwatch below with tourmalines was sold for $76,900 and the black fabric strap bracelet went for $149,700. Finally the delicate thin bracelet set in onix and emeralds was sold for $95,500, this last one, I do not find that convincing, but after all I am a blue sapphire and emerald panther fan!.