Wednesday, 20 April 2011

MARCHAK: A rare Art Deco coral ring

This ring is one of the "treasures" that I found in my recent visit to New York. It is an early Art Deco piece (around 1920) set with a coral cabochon with a very unusual carving and onix and diamond details on the base. The ring is signed by Marchak, established in Kiev, Russia in 1878. He was contemporary of Faberge and he was also appointed as jeweller to the Romanov Tsar family. After the revolution he emigrated to Paris with his son and embraced the Art Deco movement. They exhibited several pieces at the 1925 Paris Exhibition. No big surprise that Marchak was also known as the "Cartier from Kiev"!!!. The ring is owned by reputed Antique dealer Macklowe Gallery, famous for their selection of Tiffany lamps.