Monday, 25 April 2011

An extravagant necklace by SCHLUMBERGER for Tiffany

I find this necklace stunning!. Not only beautiful in terms of craftsmanship and gemstones but also extremely original in terms of design. When using so many carats and gems on one single piece it is very difficult to do it in a "wearable" and fashionable way; it is easy to fall for a classic and more simple design to avoid making the piece too exaggerated. Well, here is lesson for a master jeweller, Jean Schlumberger for Tiffany; a rope covered with pave diamonds and a strap made of sapphires and emeralds wrapped around it ending in a curtain like festoon. The marquise shaped diamonds are just the finishing touch to enhance the light of all the stones.

Jean Schlumberger was born in France in 1907 in a textile dedicated family. He preferred jewellery and he used to give flower pins made by himself to his friends. Like Verdura, he raised to stardom by coming across a great couturier, instead of Coco Chanel, in his case it was Elsa Schiaparelli who hired him to design costume jewellery. In 1956 Tiffany & Co offered him a leading designer position allowing him to sign his pieces with his own name. His style is so personal, that his jewels have become an icon for collectors. 

The necklace will be auctioned by Christie's Geneva on May 18th.