Monday, 7 March 2011

JEAN FOUQUET: A rare ebonite and metal Art Deco bracelet

Christie's Paris is auctioning this extremely rare example of the purest abstract Art Deco period signed by Jean Fouquet. The bracelet is set as two ebonite circles with round metal spheres in between. Had it not been made by Jean Fouquet in 1931 one would just pass by it as a costume contemporary accessory!. However, it is an icon of one of the most radical changes in society when modernity was represented by the "new machine era" and a whole new aesthetics took over to recognise the benefits that industrialism and mass production would bring to humankind. It comes at an incredible estimate that reflects its value more as a sculpture that as a piece of jewellery; it is clearly only for collectors!

Catalogue notes
A founding member of the UAM in 1929, Fouquet was a purist whose creations reflect the consistent rigour of his aesthetic and his fastidious concern for faultless craftsmanship. He was one of a small but impressive generation of Paris jewellers - including notably Paul Brandt, Gérard Sandoz and Raymond Templier - whose creations are the wearable equivalent of the most formally pure avant-garde abstract sculpture.
This bracelet is the perfect adaptation, by a master of his craft, of the radical aesthetic of the 'new machine age' to the precious world of luxury jewellery. Jean Fouquet, the gifted son of jewellery designer Georges Fouquet who had triumphed in the Art Nouveau style, has conceived the most chic of adornments in a highly stylised revision of a piece of mechanical engineering.