Saturday, 12 March 2011

A CARTIER Belle Epoque emerald millegrain brooch

This is a beautiful and extremely delicate brooch made by Cartier around year 1900. The oval pendant displays an exquisite millegrain work with platinum and diamonds characteristic of Belle Epoque jewellery. The piece is set with small but very fine emeralds. It is one of the latest acquisitions of London's dealer SJ Phillips of Bond Street, famous not only for its pieces but also for being Kate Moss' favourite vintage jewelry shop.

The millegrain (millegrain) setting is used to set a gemstone in a stamped or cast "collet" with a series of tiny beads, or "grains" of metal which are raised by working the metal around the rim of the collet using a knurling tool or millgrain tool. The technique reached its perfection with the introduction of platinum and it allows diamonds to sparkle without competing with reflected light from polished metal finishes. Sources: Antique Jewellery University and All about gemstones