Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CARTIER and India: The Daisy Fellowes Tutti Frutti necklace

"Daisy Fellowes is acknowledged as having been one of the 20th century's most stylish and glamorous women, words which could equally well describe her jewelry collection"(1). This is my favourite piece; a Tutti Frutti necklace that she commissioned to Cartier in 1936 which was originally designed in the purest indian style (with a black cord fastening at the back), and later transformed in 1963 by her daughter the Comtesse de Casteja. The pendant sapphires weight 146 carat and the ones on the clasp 45 carat. The rest of the piece is mounted on platinum set with carved sapphires, emeralds and rubies combined with emerald cut diamonds. No wonder the Duchess of Windsor had a very similar one made for her by Cartier in 1949!.

The necklace was sold by Sotheby's and today it belongs to the Cartier collection.

Photo : Nick Welsh, Collection Cartier © Cartier
(1) Famous Jewelry Collectors, p 157