Tuesday, 22 March 2011

A BUCCELATTI multigem and opal pendant

A beautiful and unsual pendant by italian master Buccelatti for sale at 1stdbs. The central medallion is a cluster design around a large opal cabochon surrounded by a combination of small single cut sapphires, emeralds and rubies. It is for sale at 1stdbs

Coming from a long line of jewellery craftsmen and following an apprenticeship in goldsmithing at Beltrami e Besnati in Milan, Mario Buccellati opened his first shop in 1919 at $ Via Montenapoleone, Milan. In the following years, the fame of Buccellati jewels began to attract the attention of royalty all over the world, creating pieces for the Royal Families of Spain, Egypt and Italy, as well as for the Popes Pius XI and XII. In 1925, he opened a shop in Rome followed in 1929 by another one in Florence and then New York in 1953. The signature finishing touch of the firm is the “texture engraved” gold and the hallmark “15MI”, one of the oldest ones in Milan.