Thursday, 17 February 2011

GURHAN: contemporary jewels and a fascinating story

Gurhan Orhan was born in 1954 in Ankara, Turkey. I am so fascinated by his story as much as by his pieces. He studied Mathematics and Business in Ankara but became a first a musician and then a nightclub entrepreneur in Ankara with so much charisma that he turned into a local celebrity in the 1970's. A decade later, he moved to Switzerland to learn how to make watches! and created very exclusive and limited editions for collectors. In the 1990's he visited Istanbul and fell in love with 24 carat gold as working material. He became a jeweller and got his inspiration in ancient designs and techniques. Only five years later he was discovered by a New York based investment banker, Fiona Tilley, who convinced him to enter the US market. Two years later they made it into no less than Barneys and conquered the US press as well as Fiona!, they married in 1999. Since then it is all a success story, he mastered pure platinum and silver, and his pieces became treasured by celebrities, being featured even in Sex & the City. He continues producing and designing trendy and unique jewellery today, but in 2004 he also decided to became a photographer and a curator (for the Metropolitan Museum of NY, no less).

It is difficult to imagine a life more intense and his pieces are a reflection of his spirit. The bracelet featured above, in pure 24 carat gold features a great rutilated quarz as a center piece and it belongs to his one of a kind selection.

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