Friday, 4 February 2011

And the first CARTIER panther was... a watch in 1914!!

Photo: N. Welsh, Cartier Collection © Cartier

That Cartier was the pioneer of the Art Deco style... we all know, but I have to confess to have been surprised when I found  this watch at the Cartier Archives! This watch was created in 1914, not only was it eleven years before the 1925 Arts Decoratifs Paris Exhibition but also it was the first jewel ever made to display the "dotted" motif, the flecking diamonds and onix pattern that is a favourite even today, some 100 years later; which jewellery design has withstood time like this one?!

That same year, Louise Cartier ordered a watercolour from George Barbier titled "A Woman with a Panther" which would be used as an exhibition poster and for advertising cards.

Cartier Archives © Cartier