Friday, 28 January 2011

WALLACE CHAN: Birth of Light brooch

Wallace Chan was born in 1956 in China, he grew up in Hong Kong and worked as an apprentice in traditional chinese carving since the age of eighteen. Once he had mastered the curvature techniques of the oriental art he invented the " Wallace cut" which consists of a unique carving technique that combines cameo, intaglio and faceting in a way never done before. He creates multidimensional pieces that display their beauty not only through the precious stones he uses but also creating light. There is deep philosophical meaning in each one of his creations but also the most innovative and modern techniques which result in provocative pieces. He will insert a carved opal upside down inside a hollow crystal, set in titanium and embellished with diamonds.

He is a jeweller that became an artist, his first international exhibition was held at Basle Art Fair in 2007. And since then his creations, sold at only a few outlets around the world, are sought after by collectors and treasured. Undoubtedly he can be considered the modern Asian JAR of our time.

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