Saturday, 15 January 2011

An ART DECO diamond watch by Rolex

"Art Deco was the last truly sumptuous style", this is the best definition for the Art Deco style that I have found and it is the opening line of Alastair Duncan's book by Thames & Hudson. It was the time between the first and the second world wars when women had started to have some independence but they felt no obligations since the war was over, so watches were more an adornment than a necessity.

The "watch bracelet" became fashionable in the early 1920's thanks to the sleeveless dresses and a new passion for sports. It was french couturier Jean Pattou who invented the "garconne" look in the world of high end fashion by designing a tennis outfit for contemporary champion Suzanne Lenglen.  The day piece was very plain but the evening watch was a jewel.

This watch by Rolex comes up for auction at Christie's, London on january 19th.