Sunday, 9 January 2011

AKELO and CASTELLANI: shared etruscan ancestors

Photo © Akelo – Andrea Cagnetti – All Right Reserved – Used with permission

Two Roman geniuses; Castellani, as one of the first jewellers that signed his pieces and Akelo, one of the few contemporary artists exploring ancient techniques. One shared inspiration, the 3000 years old Etruscan Jewellery. The necklace above, by Akelo, is a magnificent example of his work  from 1998, and his mastering of gold craftsmanship specially when it comes to engraving. The necklace below, found at SJ Phillips, London was made by Castellani in 1872 and displays similar engraving mastering decorated with a micromosaic. Both pendants hang from a fancy foxtail link chain, and both are unique and extraordinary.