Sunday, 5 December 2010

A collector Anish Kapoor ring: Fine or decorative art?

This is a limited edition gold and blue enamel ring by Anish Kapoor. It comes up for auction at Bonhams London this week. The reason why the piece is here it is not because I find it an particularly extraordinary jewel (which I don't) but because it is a collector item and more importantly because it opens a debate I love: can jewellery be considered a fine art or will it always be in the applied and decorative arts category?.

I think certain pieces are indeed worthy of a fine arts classification. Some of them are unique, creative and have a meaning. Jewellery has evolved over centuries with society and it is a reflection of its taste and concerns at any given point in time during history. Some master jewellers are very accomplished artists and some artists have used jewellery as just another mean of expression.

In today's world when even fashion is reaching the status of art (and rightly so) and art is reaching everyone's home, I hope great jewellery will find its place!

Financial Times: The blurring of fashion and art