Sunday, 12 December 2010

A BVLGARI emerald and diamond ring

Photo by Sothebys
The oldest known signed jewellery comes from Rome and so does the newest brand that has achieved worldwide recognition: Bvlgari.

The house of Bvlgari was created in Rome in 1905 but it did not thrive until the 1960's and it has made an imprint in the history of jewellery by the creation of a distinctive and unique style. Bvlgari source of inspiration is the Renaissance and the use of colour. Instead of using diamonds as the most important part of the piece, Bvlgari always makes a coloured stone the centre of its creations.

This ring is a fine example of the Bvlgari style where symmetry and proportions are based on ancient art and arquitecture more than on organic design and nature.

This ring will be auctioned next Dec 14th at Sotheby's London