Saturday, 27 November 2010

VERDURA: pink tourmaline and sapphire brooch

When looking at this brooch by Verdura one cannot help but think Chanel!. Fulco Verdura was born in 1898 in Palermo. At the age of 21, he inherited his family fortune and spent it over six years enjoying life at the centre of Europe's high society. In 1926 he went to Paris to work for Coco Chanel as a textile designer and almost immediately after he joined he redesigned all her personal jewellery, which was a great collection of gifts by her lovers, the Duke of Westminster and the Russian Grand Duke Dmitri amongst others. So Verdura became Chanel's head Jewellery designer for a number of years until he decided to move to New York and start his own business.

The brooch comes up for auction at Christie's New York on december 7th.