Sunday, 28 November 2010

A Ruby and diamonds set of jewellery MOUNTED BY CARTIER

An extraordinary set of gold, diamonds and ruby jewellery signed Mounted by Cartier. It consist of a ring, a bangle, a brooch and a pair of earrings displaying the most incredible collection of cabochon rubies in an amazingly rich design. Similarly to the Cartier Flamingo Brooch for the Duchess of Windsor, when a piece is signed with the name of the jeweller preceded by the words "Monture" or "Mounted by" it usually means that the piece is unique and specially commissioned by the buyer who would normally also provide the stones from a prior piece. This is Haute Couture in jewellery terms!. As a specially commissioned piece, the design is normally agreed between the master jeweller and the buyer.
Photos by Christies

Mounted by Cartier set of ruby and diamonds bangle, brooch, earrings and ring coming up for auction at Christie's London King st.